Love Is Love

In the month of April/May the city celebrates the LBGTQI community. 
Pineapple Gallery salutes all those who have had to fight against ignorance and hate, to simply exist in peace. UNDER THE HUSK showed the latest short from V&E called ‘READ BETWEEN THE LINES’ paying homage to all journalists who continue to protect democracy with raw unedited reporting.

Julian, we have not forgotten you.

During the month of April we were delighted to release some original artwork from TWINKLE TROUGHTON.  As you look close into Twinkles collection, you will find  enchanted houses, small flocks of birds, you will drown slowly and deeply into her world of dark and mysterious woodlands, hidden pathways and dreamlike imagery. Come into the gallery to see Twinkles work close up, all originals available framed and unframed.

DAVID TROUGHTON is TWINKLE’S DAD also an artist and gracing us with a collection of his limited edition art prints.

BODIE HOWELL  joins the pineapple family and his new collection of work is up for grabs and well worth a look. Bodie has a passion for hand cutting detailed work, we look forward to Bodie Howell becoming a household name and showcasing more of his work over the years. The way Bodie captures a scene with his hand cuts is so charming and the often unexpected clashes of imagery come together to form unique work.
Bodie’s open editions are being sold as part of our affordable art print range.
The Pineapple workshop has been humming with framing activity this month, our favourite frame was made for the ever so lovely and talented, JOHN GOSPER. John chose one of our new frame colours, PEACHY KEEN. He loved it, we loved it, it was a good plan to get PEACHY KEEN on the scene. Pop in to see our new and extended range of mouldings or for more information click through to our framing studio.

You will find lots of new CULT ART titles this month as we honour our principal to always sell affordable art alongside more established titles/artists. We also have new super fun work from SIG WALLER being released this weekend. As covid19 continues to change the world, it doesn’t seem too much of a stretch to imagine little aliens from outer space will be arriving soon, we love SIG WALLER. We adore all SIG’S work and will soon be selling a special collection of SIG originals.

UNDER THE HUSK is now covered with little sticky notes as we feature limited edition work by our latest artist well known for his unique social observations, we introduce to you 


Paul, of course we fucking love you too.