Bodie Howell is a Melbourne based artist practicing in a variety of mediums, creating art to better understand himself and the world around him, seeking to connect to others who are searching for a similar understanding. Bodie draws inspiration from the little things in life. He uses art as a platform to share his thoughts, mundane struggles, and small humorous insights in a grounded and relatable way. Accessibility to art is a major focus of his work. This belief led him to start The One Way Letter Project, an interactive street art project that anyone can be a part of. It also drove him to leave zines in public spaces to be discovered and enjoyed by all. Pieces of Bodie's work have also been represented at The Fox Gallery (photography), in The American Haiku Journal (poetry), and in Verasion Magazine (collage). His analogue collage work collides a multitude of perspectives in order to create surreal yet familiar scenes that often represent the absurdity of life. Created by hand; his collage practice is completely analogue. All hand cut images. Bodie's work is not without imperfection, close inspection reveals minor details that offer a hand made charm. The story told by these small details as part of each unique image is that of their past lives and of their new home in the final composition. These minor imperfections are intentionally included as a reminder that life is not perfect, but that's okay.