Artworks are precious and at times fragile. Learn how we at Pineapple Gallery use archival framing to ensure your beloved work can stand the test of time and remain not just part of your collection but be passed down as family heirloom from generation to generation, or sold to the next collector in perfect condition.


Archival framing is the process of using framing materials that ensure the extra protection and extra longevity of an art work. Also known as museum framing, conservation framing or preservation framing. These extra protective applications aim to prevent damage to the artwork from natural elements such as UV light or from off-gassing over long periods of time, by the materials which surround the artwork such as wood moldings. 

You do not need archival framing for general purposes. We will never over-sell a service that is not necessary and always take great care to offer what makes sense to the artwork in front of us.

archival framing


Depending on the artwork there are many different options but a few common one are:

Adhesives: When mounting we’ll use a ph neutral adhesive such as wheat starch. 

Mounting materials: We use acid and lignin free mount boards which contain a buffering agent to maintain an alkaline environment. 

Glass: We offer a range of uv filtered glass to prevent damage from sunlight all the way up to the finest museum glass. 



You can find us in Collingwood on what we like to call “mystery lane”. Cross over from the infamous Tote pub, follow the aroma of punjabi’s traditional indian cuisine and somewhere in between there you’ll spot us. Officially 81, Johnston Street Collingwood.

Whether you are looking for art, art services, having a wonder about town or looking for some specific advice on picture framing or archival picture framing we are here to help. Our resident framer is often in and out of the workshop but always around on a Saturday for in person chats / free framing consultations.


Costs are a concern for some and not an issue to others. We deal with various budgets and each person who walks through our door is treated equally,  every concern is met and every query answered.

We are happy to work to a tight budget and often the fear of what the cost of a handmade archival might be, is eliminated once you’ve come in and had a chat. Archival framing costs are higher due to it being a more involved framing process and using different materials so you can expect a larger price for an archival frame.

If you are a private client who prefers the discretion of a home visit or a corporate client who requires a meeting in the specified installation location, get in touch and we can arrange that. 

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