The House of Pineapple design dialogue with the world of art forms a range of lifestyle products and limited edition fashion and art pieces.

Modernist interiors + subversive designs observe the world through a surrealist eye. The aesthetic paradigm is characterised by conceptual thought and timelessness.

Offering art collectors who love expressing their character through their home interiors an unpredictable visual design language married with an avant-garde persuasion .

British and Mauritian heritage form the basis for all designs, subtly influenced by opposing cultures and current affairs.

House of Pineapple champions the individual and their home, advocating humility and equality across all sexes, classes, genders and race.

lacuna art print ray monday

paper wall

House of Pineapple interiors are sold exclusively in Pineapple Gallery.

H.O.P loves wallpaper.

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All wallpaper sold in 10m rolls.

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