Find Original Art for Sale. Your Ultimate Contemporary Artwork Awaits 

Are you on the hunt for original art for sale? Cease the search - our online art gallery has a captivating selection of unmatched pieces, drawn from both emerging talents and established maestros. 

Our selection of fine art online is available to buy and spans a vast landscape of styles and mediums, showcasing contemporary paintings, sculptures, photography and mixed media art. Seeking a show-stopping centrepiece for your home or office, or on a mission to expand your art collection? We're confident you'll find the ideal work of art here.

With every piece you acquire from our digital gallery, you're investing in an artwork curated by us for its outstanding beauty. Delve into our collection now and discover the ideal piece to enhance your own personal collection.

Uncover Exceptional Original Art for Sale

The pursuit of high-caliber, authentic original art can be daunting, especially when your tastes veer towards the unique and personal. Fortunately, with the digital revolution, you no longer need to step foot in physical galleries to unearth that elusive piece of art for your personal or professional space. 

Here at Pineapple Gallery our mission is to curate a broad art selection that is not only unique but also affordable, which why we also offer a number of contemporary prints We are committed to assisting our clients in locating the perfect piece that resonates with their individuality and aesthetic preferences.

Our comprehensive collection is procured from artists from around the world and Australia. Our platform fosters a meeting ground for artists and art lovers alike. Our studio also offers custom framing.

Elevate Your Collection with Quality Original Art Pieces

Venturing into the world of original art is a wise move for anyone wishing to infuse their surroundings with uniqueness and personal flair. 

Below are compelling reasons why investing in premium original art pieces should be on your radar:


Choosing original art gifts you with a distinctive piece that bears no replicas. It's an expression of your personal aesthetic and an embodiment of the artist's vision and techniques.

Potential Appreciation

Original art holds the potential to appreciate in value over time due to factors like the artist's acclaim, the piece's scarcity, and demand. While investment potential is an added bonus, the key to art collection lies in the emotional resonance and personal gratification it offers.


 lends itself to adaptability, fitting seamlessly into any space, whether it's a home, office, or public area. It can serve as a focal point, introduce colour and texture to a room, or narrate a decorative tale.

Supporting the Art Community

By investing in original art, you bolster the creative community, enabling artists to craft more unique works and encouraging the next generation of creatives.

Personal Connection

Owning original art fosters a personal bond with the artist, their journey, and their inspiration. It enhances understanding of the creative process and the symbolism behind the work.