Our in-house, handmade custom picture framing in Melbourne, takes your artwork to another level.

On a practical level, picture framing in Melbourne protects your art from the outside world, helping it retain its quality over the years.

When it comes to framing, nothing quite beats a custom frame by a master framer and if you have an artwork you love or a new collection you are showing in an exhibition, the value added by getting the work framed professionally is always worth it .

With the right treatment and care your artwork can be passed down the line of art lovers for someone else's future pleasure. If you are selling it on the future - as many collectors choose to do,- custom picture framing is a good idea. Picture framing protects the materials and keeps the work looking it's best - with its a rare piece or a set of family photos you may want to consider conservation framing.

Either way we cherish your property and handle all art with care, integrity and with an understanding that you want the best quality and something individual for every job.

We process all handmade orders in 2-3 weeks. Our minimum order quantity is 5 and shipping is calculated separately on request. 



We our proud to offer a range of professional picture framing services. From photo frames to custom frames to canvas stretching and framing, our professional picture framing services will create picture frames, craftsmanship and great advice at affordable prices.

FINE ART FRAMING: In Australia, artists and collectors alike choose our art framing services for their original works. It's something that we believe requires great care, great attention to detail, expert advice and great skill. Only the highest quality materials are chosen for the finished product so we don't always recommend this for every art work - but when only the best picture framing will do...our experienced staff can guide your special project from dream to reality using conservation framing methods. Your art works and custom frame will be the perfect frame.

PRINT AND FRAME: If you're an artist looking for a convenient place to have your latest  order fulfilled, check out our print and frame service. Unlike ready made frames, all our frames, from photo frames to canvas is completely custom. It's not a same day service but all good things come to those who wait. And the wait for our professional service is very reasonable indeed, most orders are made and ready to collect in 2-3 weeks.

ARCHIVAL FRAMING SERVICES: You don't need to get bamboozled with this if you are looking for normal picture framing in Melbourne then by now you know what it all means. You can feel reassured that whatever your needs are, we have it covered. Whilst all our framing is undertaken using acid free materials, there are some cases where only archival framing will do and we are on hand to advise. Otherwise known as conservation framing this service, uses great advice, great quality materials and results in framed art work that lasts for the next generation.



How To Order

Whether you have an art print, one-of-a-kind artworks or a family photo we can help you find suitable options.

Please call or email to enquire.

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Our Custom Picture Framing Styles

When creating a custom picture frame, we offer a variety of style options all stemming from five popular contemporary, custom framing styles we love, as a starting point.

We work with a ray of people from artists who are exhibiting; clients who are looking for a one off and bigger commercial companies. Our principle remains the same, art is for everyone and everyone who walks through our doors is equal. No undertaking is too small or too large, we are happy to answer any questions.

We offer a free personal consultation where you can chat things over and come to the best decision for your picture frames. For larger companies we can offer an on-site consultation.

Below you can find a brief overview of our Pineapple Custom Picture Framing Styles. Pineapple's Bespoke Picture Frames are made with great attention to detail, expertise and heart.

The Beardsley

This style of frame is our most simple with the image set up against the class with no edges showing. The most understated, most affordable and most popular or all our framing options.

pink picture frame

The Hitchcock

Our most dramatic frame. Also known as a shadow box frame, the art is mounted  on to a slightly smaller piece of foamboard or mount  and set back from the glass. The art then casts a shadow and appears to be floating in mid air. This style of picture frame is truly dramatic and does an amazing job of drawing the viewer in and adds another dimension the art work.


The Watkins

This custom picture framing style has the edges of the artwork showing and is set forward against the glazing. This is the perfect frame for showing off the texture of an artwork when its edges are a feature. Showing frayed or deckled edges can often add a third dimension to your framed artwork. We have a huge range of mounts and quality substrates to chose from to help support your framed piece and will help you chose one that compliments the artwork as well as the medium, right down to its delicate edges.


The Floating Gallery Wrap

This canvas framing style involves a particular method of canvas stretching where the canvas is stapled around the back of the stretcher bar. Once the canvas has been stretched it is slotted into a perfectly measured frame. The framed, finished product appears to float inside the frame with the naked canvas perfectly flush with edge of the moulding. This is a staple for any art lover and works for prints on canvas as well as the the real deal, and truly draws you in whilst not taking away from the piece.

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Picture Framing Frequently Asked Questions