Our in-house handmade picture framing service in Collingwood, Melbourne takes your artwork to another level.

On a practical level, picture framing your protects your art from the outside world, helping it retain it’s quality over the years.  

Nothing quite beats a custom frame buy  a master framer and if you have an artwork you love or a new collection you are showing in an exhibition, the value added by getting the work framed professionally is always worth it .

With the right treatment and care your artwork can be passed down the line of art lovers for someone else’s future pleasure. If you are selling it on the future as many collectors choose to do, having the work framed is a good idea to protect the materials and keep the work looking it’s best.

Either way we cherish your artwork and handle all art with care, integrity and with an understanding that you want the best quality framed artwork, something individual.

We process all handmade custom picture frames in 2-3 weeks, you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg as we offer competitive prices for custom picture framing services and free in-gallery consultation or over the web.


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Pop in to chat over your framing choices. We are here to help you work it all out. You don't need an appointment or need to know the lingo. You can also email or give us a call.

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Custom Framing Process

Specialising in ‘archival’ grade picture framing, practiced as standard throughout the gallery our custom art framers use only acid-free mounting materials, accompanied by high quality glass & copper wire backings.

All frames are custom made in Melbourne and tailored to your individual requirements, keeping it local keeps the creative community alive but we also deal with interstate and international picture framing clients.

Pineapple gallery workshop can frame both artworks purchased at the gallery, or from your own collection.

We offer contemporary gallery frames hand made in our workshop with a selection of different mouldings to choose from such as oak picture frames, gold picture frames as other timber picture frames.

By definition Gallery framing is the simplest, most sophisticated answer to the question of “how to frame your art. The very idea of gallery framing is derived from the historic guidelines fine art galleries worldwide have used for entry into their spaces.


Placement & Hanging

As ever there are a million rules and regulations you could apply here, but ultimately it’s a matter of personal taste + instinct.
There is no such thing as a set curation guide but we can guide you through the process with a few ideas based on our experience.

Do wait to unwrap your frame until it is literally on your chosen wall.
This small detail can save a million possible last minute accidents.
Generally speaking, try to hang your artwork at approx. 1.5m high, which is about eye level for the average Joe and is the most comfortable level to view the work at. Commercial galleries tend to abide by this rule.
To add extra drama try hanging your framed artwork onto the furthest edge of a wall, or hanging it really high, you could even try hanging it really low (as long as you have no large pets or mini-humans running around trashing things on a daily basis), these more unusual placement options can offer you an interesting view of your artwork and draw you to feel the image in a different way, it can be intriguing and illuminating to try a placement entirely out of the proverbial box of traditional thought.

Adding small to medium pieces in subtle areas, above a side table or next to a door instantly makes a room feel more rounded, smaller areas add nuance and warmth to a room, especially when they have well curated artworks hanging on them.

Hanging your framed art is not as daunting as you might think.
Every Pineapple Gallery Frame comes backed with rings and copper wire, we use copper wire instead of string because it has good rigidity and helps with the ease of hanging.
Unless your artwork is particularly large, hang your art with nails and picture hooks.

Plasterboard walls won’t need tough masonry nails to be hammered in.

We advise that you use hooks as opposed to hanging directly from a nail, it's far safer and will hang your work as flush as possible to the wall which gives the best results.
If your work is large a screw and a drill will most likely be necessary.
Plastic wall plugs along with the screw usually help fix the screw in securely.
Stick on the wall strips do not work and we advise against using these.

Enjoy hanging your framed art, it will bring you happiness for a long time.

Our Picture Framing Styles

When creating a custom picture frame, we offer a variety of style options all stemming from four popular contemporary framing styles we love, as a starting point.

We work with a ray of people from artists who are exhibiting; clients who are looking for a one off and bigger commercial companies. Our principle remains the same, art is for everyone and everyone who walks through our doors is equal. No undertaking is too small or too large, we are happy to answer any questions.

We offer a free personal consultation where you can chat things over and come to the best decision for your picture frames. For larger companies we can offer an on-site consultation.

Below you can find a brief overview of our Pineapple Custom Framing Styles.
Every Pineapple Bespoke Picture Frame is made with great attention to detail, expertise and heart.

The Beardsley

This style of frame our most simple with the image set up against the class with no edges showing.

pink picture frame

The Hitchcock

Our most dramatic frame. Also known as a shadow box frame, the art is mounted  on to a slightly smaller piece of foamboard or mount  and set back from the glass. the art then casts a shadow and appears to floating in mid air. 

shadow box frame corner detail

The Watkins

This picture frame style has the edges of the artwork showing and is set forward against the glass.

The Soutine

The artwork is mounted and set back from the glass showing the edges.

Picture Framing Frequently Asked Questions