The Benefits of Fine Art Printing For Artists and Photographers

The popularity of fine art printing has increased not just among artists but among photographers too, all striving to reproduce their work with the highest possible quality. Unlike traditional printing methods, giclee printing is easy to organise and it uses high-end tech equipment and materials to produce prints that are so true to the original image. Prints can last hundreds of years so durability and long-lasting quality come into play too when photographers and artists choose to have fine art prints of their work.

Here are some of the benefits of fine art giclee printing for photographers and artists.



Fine art printing is such a versatile medium, long gone are the days when photographers were forced into the darkroom, fine art printing can be used to reproduce a wide range of artworks, including photographs, paintings, and digital art. Photographers and artists can use digital art printing to reproduce their artworks in a variety of formats, including canvas, and a variety of papers that are both sophisticated and classic.

Versatility is important and fine art printing offers this at a lower cost which means that artists and photographers can experiment with different materials and techniques to achieve whatever effect they desire. Some papers have a metallic sheen, others are completely matt, the fine art printing world is a bit playground with lots of toys for everyone.
ray monday art exhibition

Increased Value

Another benefit of fine art prints is that they are often valued more highly than other types of art prints. Artists and photographers need to make a living and you can command higher prices for your work when it is printed as a limited edition or open edition fine art prints.

They are collectible items, which can further increase their value over time depending on your status as an artist and their value will increase along with your profile. Photographers and artists who make an investment in printing their work can create a valuable collection of their work that can be sold or exhibited in the future and the flat nature of the print makes them easy to scan or photograph and put into an online catalogue for all your future buyers

Superior Quality

Top of the pops, high quality is another benefit of fine art printing, the superior quality of the prints is apparent whenever we see the artist's face. Our Fine art prints are produced using the latest large format printers from Epson that reproduce the colours, tones, and textures of the original image with incredible accuracy. We love our machinery and invest a lot of time into choosing the right machines and the right products to serve our customers well. The result is a print that is so close to the original artwork, or often better, you will jump for joy.


Digital art printing allows photographers and artists to customise their work pre-print and even after it has been produced with all kinds of paper manipulations available we suggest all artists try everything out. You may choose to print your work on a specific type of paper to achieve a certain texture or finish, while a photographer may choose to print their work in a specific size to fit a particular frame but there are no limits, push the boundaries and see where you end up.

The high level of customisation when it comes to colour and tonal adjustments available means that photographers and artists can have more control.

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Increased Exposure

Getting exposure is vital as an artist, no point sitting at home dreaming about it, you need to get out there and hustle. Producing prints can also help to increase the exposure of an artist or photographer's work with fine art prints being displayed in galleries and exhibitions globally, where they can be seen by a wider audience of art enthusiasts and collectors who can see close-up the quality offering.

Selling prints online is also a buzz and saves you from having to lug your workaround to a stall. You can reach a global audience without physically lifting anything. Whether you have a disability, you are an artist or photographer who lives in a remote or rural area or simply someone who can’t be arsed getting off the sofa, you can gain exposure and recognition for your work by reproducing it.

In conclusion, whether you are an artist or photographer, or both, printing your work is a no brainer, sell sell sell, then go roll around on your piles of dollars and daydream.