The Arts Scene In Collingwood

People often say "So many gallery’s in Collingwood, so much competition" but we don’t believe in competition.

PINEAPPLE GALLERY believes that many people are out there trying to make their dreams come true and that there is magic in the air when any community collaborates and celebrates so we've written a little list of places to check out if you come to our neck of the woods.

Things to do in Collingwood

Whether you are a creative traveller on the lookout for something unique, an artist searching for representation or to print your art, a collector on the hunt for some interesting furnishings, or just hanging out for a people watch and chai latte, you can find it here, within Melbourne’s ever growing eclectic inner city suburb, Collingwood.

Close by PINEAPPLE GALLERY there is ‘Johnston Street Wines’, if you need a cool beer on the go, there's no where friendlier.

Everyone should at least once visit 'DAS T-Shirt Automat'. Their iconic red and white shop facade is a total trip. Anyone can print their own designs onto T-shirts, it's a brilliant and fun place.

There are so many spots to eat, best to blindfold your partner, spin around and see where you land. Easy streets.

For a quick take out lunch we love the unassuming 'Ladybird Cafe', it's not at all on trend which is refreshing as it doesn't need to try hard at all, what it does offer are the best Vietnamese salads and most noteably a gorgeous family team who greet you with the biggest warmest and most sincere smiles every single day.

Further down Johnston Street you'll find the beautiful 'Black Cat Gallery' run by fabulous ’Pim’, this gallery also showcasing lots of great work.

The Black Cat and Off The Kerb Gallery are both close by and offer great artist spaces for hire too.All the galleries around Collingwood offer their own twist on the art scene, all are worth a look.

If you come to PINEAPPLE GALLERY, we hope you take time to soak up the diverse area and enjoy the variety of artist’s work and gallery spaces all a stones throw apart.

Last but not least there is The Tote, an iconic venue which needs no intro.

Collingwood, we love it.