That’s How The Light Gets In

dawn egg victor and eartha

During the month of January we opened up the framing workshop which is still a workshop in progress. We have the policy of  ‘no appointment needed’ to enquire about getting artwork framed, have a look and chat about the options available in the comfort of knowing that there is no obligation to choose our framing service and absolutely no need to understand framing jargon. 

We have been loaded up with framing orders recently and one thing we see is that people often come in feeling unsure not knowing how to explain or understand exactly what frame they would like.

The important thing to know is that PINEAPPLE GALLERY wants people to feel comfortable and we are here to help, no question is too large or small. 

This goes for our ART PRINTING SERVICES too, we deal with artists who are used to fine art printing and with artists who are exhibiting for the first time or selling work for the first time, everyone is equal in The Pineapple, all people feeling comfortable makes us happy.

Throughout the month of January PINEAPPLE GALLERY has had the FREE JULIAN artwork by Ray Monday sitting quietly and reflectively on the wall. This work stayed for 31 days as a little salute to Julian and to support his FIGHT FOR FREEDOM.

Freedom of Speech is really important to any democracy and something we at PINEAPPLE GALLERY holds dear. We even had a man we named ‘Mr Sticky making comments on our window, although we didn’t agree with his placement nor his views on Julian, we did agree that freedom to express his views was important and that it is usually better to have an opinion, rather than none.

Although we now take this artwork down from the window, to embrace new installations and to enjoy our own creative freedoms, JULIAN ASSANGE will remain locked down in Belmarsh Prison until his final case is heard. 

We lit a small single candle on NYE in remembrance of all political prisoners and one more candle was lit on the last night we had “FREE JULIAN '' in the PINEAPPLE GALLERY window. 

The prints remain available online, framed or unframed.

  Good Luck Julian.

Now February has rolled in and we are rolling out a few new sets of evening sessions in 



With the darker content of the previous Under The Husk programmes and the political nature of FREE JULIAN, we are pleased to be showing some lighter artwork from V&E and having some fun with the Carly Fern performance happening later on in the month.

Spring is here and apparently at some point we should all pray to god and watch out for a large bunny in an ill fitting fleece jumpsuit who will be found going around town chatting to children and offering them chocolate eggs, until we all have to deal with that strange tradition, we aim to take life less seriously this month and think of the power of light, a new DAWN.

Here’s a lowdown on the other happenings.


A mixed media installation

by V&E

This installation opens with the new start of spring and takes inspiration from the pagan festival ‘Imbolc’ which marks the halfway point between the winter solstice and the vernal equinox and is symbolic of the light half of the year returning, traditionally, Imbolc begins at sundown on February 1st in the northern hemisphere & continues through February 2nd which was the the date DAWN gently opened with a small ring of firelight.

This new mixed media piece by V&E explores folklore, post pandemic energy shifts, the power of light rising over darkness + the experience of DAWN ascending across the landscapes of consciousness.

This new piece explores the inner journey towards light & embraces new beginnings.

The present installation includes a short film and photographic art. The avant-garde short from V&E draws on the deep history of druidry practices and pagan rituals in Iceland with the vast majority of the initial settlers during the 9th and 10th centuries CE being pagan. The footage was taken against a backdrop of mountainous lava fields close to Thingvellir National Park in Iceland . 

The journey starts drenched in darkness with the full moon piercing the midnight sky to let the first light in.The moonlight is accompanied by a spotlight from a distant lighthouse, both lights penetrating the darkness with the glow of reflection faintly visible on the water's surface.

This beginning is significant in symbolising a centre-point in a growth cycle. It is often thought that the new moon can reflect fears, shortcomings, challenges, or areas people  are ashamed of or afraid to see. 

Intermittent colour blocks transition throughout the short which offers the front view of the driver moving forward towards the light.

Part of the poem ANTHEM by Leonard Cohen encapsulates the focus of the new work which contemplates the belief that the cracks in humanity are things of beauty, access points for life and to be celebrated.





The music composed for DAWN focuses on ascension and the first sighting of light.The artwork deconstructs the idea of the goddess Bridgit at work. For some ‘Imbolc’ is a time for spring cleaning, ritual bathing and decluttering, some of the objects on display and in the artworks BRID+LIQUID and BRID+FIRE are related to the act of spring cleaning and modern day items she would use to bring in new light and make fire. Brid was the Celtic goddess of fire, fertility, midwifery and the young, also the deity of poets, represented by fire, and believed to be the inspiration to bards, artisans, scholars and any who work with words. The term 'Imbolc' derives from Old Irish and means "in the belly," or alternately "ewe's milk," The main title BRID+EGG shows her holding onto the possibility of new life. 


A visual performance

by Carly Fern

Carly Fern is a visual artist, storyteller, chameleon and advocate of self expression in all forms. Using her creative practice as a means of exploring the curiosities of life, building community and carving her own place in the world with a particular knack for finding comedy in the everyday. Carly Fern prides herself on her inelegance and human failings, her imagination and creativity are adaptable to many environments, using elements of performance, sound and design to subvert, undo and explore themes of identity, belonging, society and culture. Past projects include site, time or theme specific works, focusing on community outcomes and sustainable practices. Having situated herself in the global artistic community over the last 4 years Carly has expanded the scope of her work connecting and working with artists in Java, Bali, Canada, the US, Germany and Japan. Carly’s most recent creative achievements include attending the Banff Centre 2019 Performance Art residency program, and performing as part of ACCA’s Feedback Loops exhibition. CARLY FERN brings SIMPLY POTTY to UNDER THE HUSK with her a DIY or die attitude, a fierce sense of social justice and often occupies simultaneous states of order and chaos. Her work can be soft, complex, colourful and funny, and aims to deliver her from alienation, bring about change in collective attitudes and ultimately to celebrate the absurdity of life.

I find the ritual of creative expression to be personally healing and gratifying, albeit not always pleasant. I'm interested in the psychology of performance; how it fosters empathy, trust and belonging. I am motivated to counter elitism using deconstructive techniques, second-hand materials and crude technology to make low brow, accessible work. I identify with the archetype of the clown, finding satire and physical comedy a natural inclination, thriving on improvisation, character building and narrative. 

CARLY FERN lives and works on the unceded lands of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nations and acknowledges the ingenuity, creativity and storytelling that has endured in Indigenous communities across so called Australia, despite colonisation. PiINEAPPLE GALLERY is honoured to host her new work SIMPLY POTTY which was sponsored by City Yarra Arts and combines her visual performance with her new body of ceramic work. Pineapple Gallery celebrates the blossoming new spring energy around Collingwood with these two exhibitions running concurrently through to 20th February.

It’s a date.


 Avant-garde short by V&E. 

Showing now after dark. 

Every night from 9pm to midnight 02 FEB - 16 FEB.

original soundtrack

  • fine art prints from this series are available framed or unframed in the gallery or online.


Performance Art by Carly Fern. 

Showing  Thursday 18th/ Friday 19th /Saturday 20th 7.30-10pm 

Select ceramics will be available for sale. 

Come into the gallery to watch Carly Fern or enjoy being a voyeur and peek through our Pineapple Gallery window. All welcome