Success and Happiness

This month saw the quiet rising of DAWN and the loud rising of CARLY FERN.

Dawn played out with a whisper and we are excited to see the next installation from V&E 

Coming in March called POPULARITY

There were several points in February we hold dear, where we experienced our own idea of absolute success and absolute happiness for the gallery, it’s patrons and it’s artists. 

The showing of ‘DAWN’ included a blazing ring of fire which was lit intermittently throughout the nights, the ring of light stilled people at the window as they wondered what it was for and swayed past silently in the dark. 

The power of this simple circle of light was beautiful and many were moved by the soundtrack of the latest avant garde short film by V

The framed art which accompanied Dawn sold quickly and we enjoyed seeing the couple Chris and Ash skip happily to their car holding hands and holding onto their first pieces of contemporary art for their new home together. 

Prints from this limited edition are still available framed or unframed.

victor and eartha fine art print
art printing services

Artists have been coming in with their work to be photographed, printed, then framed which is a great full circle. It’s been lovely to see the original work take on a new form and see people happy when they experience the beauty of archival printing.  It's also been great to see artists taking advantage of our other studio services such as art reproduction and framing services.

Covid minimised some gallery services and like all creative businesses we are all collectively crawling back with baited breath into the new normal but it’s great to see so many artists coming in and feeling confident to get their prints out there. 

Pop in anytime, we are often in the back workshop working on the printing or framing or enjoying a chat, no appointment needed, everyone is welcome. ART IS FOR EVERYONE.

carly fern

Carly Fern had a ball at her performance. 

We had one quiet night, one crazy busy night and one sweet night. All these nights created something different. Night one was a complete success as it paved the way for Carly to see how she would work with her pots and her audience, it was quiet and we were so happy and content in a small moment in time we were loving with no need for crowds, rather a sense of fullfillment from the purity of the creative process Carly was going through. 

Night two was high volume, high footfall, high energy. Some punters got involved with the performance and it took on a whole new meaning, the mark making process and live energy produced some unique ceramic pots which kept evolving over the 3 day show and the final collection ended with a loud and fierce bold set of colours and strength.

Some work sold out immediately on the night and in addition to that success for Carly, another success came in the form of a beautiful young lady whose name we do not know but who made everything perfect for us here at Pineapple Gallery.

We saw her standing outside hiding behind her carer. The music was loud, Peaches was on full volume and everyone was in high spirits in the gallery and gallery pavement, it was clear that entering into this type of environment was a challenge for this particular young lady.

By the end of the night she was smiling, laughing and sat comfortably in the gallery having a hoot. ART IS FOR EVERYONE is not just a slogan, it is our guiding principle and seeing this young lady shine with confidence and enjoy her evening too made us here feel deeply happy and for Pineapple Gallery that is our idea of success. 

carly fern artist


Programme IV is coming this space.

You may pass and see nothing, you may pass and see everything, 

Have a look at new work by Bodie Howell  who hand cuts his paper with love and this moth we feature FATHER + DAUGHTER. Two artists we adore 

Original work & Giclee’s by TWINKLE TROUGHTON  

Art Prints by her DAD DAVID LINK who just happens to be as great.

TWINKLES work always makes us feel emotional and we are honoured to showcase some of her original paintings.

That’s all for now folks.

Thank you February, you were a gorgeous month.