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Groundhog day is scheduled to cease. 

Across the streets of Collingwood, if all goes according to plan, the city should be slowly reawakening as November arrives at our door.As with everything the only thing we can be certain of is the uncertainty of things which is as reassuring as it is unnerving.

To know nothing is to know everything apparently, so we march on blindly towards some kind of light, hoping that at the very least it’s a solar powered one. Melbourne has been experiencing enforced stage 4 restrictions for the greater part of 2020.

At Pineapple Gallery we call this crazy and unexpected bat bug  ‘THE FUN KILLER’.

The gallery has been open and closed, and then closed and open and closed again, frankly we’ve lost track.

Straight off the bat (pardon the pun) with our newly cut shiney set of gallery keys, our pineapple tribe sweated jungle juice from the nearby bushfires as we all ran up and down ladders and stairs and stairs and ladders.

We were hot. (or so we thought).

After opening for a singular day, the particularly large storms arrived, the skies opened and our not so trusty old roof completely flooded, leaving all newly printed artworks, all frames and nearly all spirits utterly sodden.

Our internal walls were equally disgruntled, peeling and stained - a sad sight to see. 

We were pretty wet. (that, is a fact).

It did not take very long to get the pineapple mojo flowing again. We reopened once more with fresh light energy, only to find (not very long afterwards), the city and most local businesses were to be covid closed once more.

Pineapple Gallery and all our commercial neighbours were instructed to shut down and to weather storm no2. Most Collingwood businesses were forced to stand strong and still amidst this strange invisible and very quiet, but very very loud pandemic. It has been a prolonged awkward silence - a gargantuan elephant in the room - and the only thing the international community can probably all agree with, is that we are all utterly over it.

So, here we are now prancing about tentatively waiting in line for the disco to start.

It is what it is and it is true that there is no greater way to find out where your balls lie than being deeply entrenched in a long never ending silent battle with a global pandemic with no particular end in sight.

We decided to be quietly focused over this incredibly surreal period of time and now Pineapple Gallery is ready to have some good old fashioned fun. 

We are excited about opening the doors once more and have a strong lineup of new artists to showcase including:

A new series of artwork from Sig Waller, shining a light on the darkness of the upcoming US elections.

Beautiful original work from Twinkle Troughton.

Brilliant work from Ed Burnand.

Divine Inspiration from Ru Jazzle.

Anna Becktash helps us day dream.

New titles from a mystery gentleman whose work we like, A LOT.

More to be revealed soon. 

We also have some other new and pretty exciting arthouse offerings including hand painted denim jackets from one of our represented UK artist/designers M.U. 

We can’t get enough of M.U. who is just one of the designers we are honoured to include in our new section 

We have some beautiful minimal silk unisex napewear from Maison Rey + a gallery door which will be wide open to all.

Absolutely no appointments needed.



In October we also open...




In H.O.P we curate / showcase and sell other art objects from different international and local designers.

And finally, with no dead donkey in sight, we will be gently starting to feature new bespoke Pineapple Art Frames.

Handcrafted by our own custom frame maker MISTER NOO.

Our new handcrafted frames add another dimension to the classic white wall. 

Don’t be scared of colour, we eat it every morning for breakfast and it tastes good.

Let the good times roll, we all deserve some fun.