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Here we go again, talking about contemporary art prints but we love them, they are clearly a passion of ours and we want the world to know more about them.We value them and encourage you to include them in your own big art picture, guilt free. 

In The House of Pineapple + Pineapple Gallery part of our mission and our guiding principle is to love equally, judge not and to squash all forms of snobbery, in the world of art especially. 

This mission includes killing the idea that they should be looked down upon, and have less ‘real value’ than original art.Value is an interesting concept and in a status driven society, real ‘value’ can easily go walkabout.

Is It Worth Buying Contemporary Art Prints?

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contemporary art prints

As written in our Pineapple statement, There is no such thing as bad taste or good taste, only your own taste. ‘COOL’ is in the eye of the beholder. Flip it on it’s head for a moment and think about all the things you possess which define your own personal identity, items which are absolutely, not original.

The classic high tops trainers you love from your childhood, handmade? The set of kitchen jars you love which your Grandmother passed down to you, hand crafted? That black cashmere jumper you adore for your minimal look, handmade? 

Lots of things we all love and adorn our bodies and homes with are reproductions. 

We ask the question, do you get pleasure from a limited edition contemporary art print, an open edition contemporary art print or an original artwork

We the pineapple family love something homemade, bespoke, individual, hand crafted or couture. We get immense pleasure when the soul of an original artwork touches us. There is no denying the depth of love we feel in a different way when we engage with original work. 

Having said that we get pleasure from frivolous buys of mass marketed things too and never feel guilty and never feel less cultured.

Archival Prints Vs Original Art

Some nights we laugh and eat smash burgers and chips, other nights homemade italian pasta. Some days we wear highstreet clothing, other days we wear handmade intricate one off pieces bought from international artisans. Some walls in The House of Pineapple + Pineapple Gallery showcase original art, some feature our own contemporary fine art prints, we love it all. 

We do not believe in the concept of ‘guilty pleasures’.In this blog we pineapples ask the question: Can art in all forms be accepted as a good and valid part of the ‘big art picture’, and experienced the same way we experience our general consumables: food, fashion and homewares? 

Consuming art is a collectors passion, it does not always have to cost a fortune or be incredibly original, in fact some of our most beloved things include old and worn postcards we bought at various international museums when times were tight, we will always be faithful in offering our creative audience approachable and affordable artworks.


Good or Bad Taste?

What drives the snob to feel so self satisfied? Is the snob the most uncultured person you will ever meet? We focus on getting rid of snobbery in the artworld because outside of urban art, it is rife. No one should feel uncomfortable walking into a gallery, the word ‘gallery’ turns off some people less familiar with art which makes us sad, we don’t want that, we love everyday people who blindly walk into an experience and feel all art with their gutt, too many galleries and theatres alike are filled only with white middle class seasoned spectators.

Does abiding by the general laws of the high art ‘scene’ and it’s social construct make us more cultured or does it actually go against the grain of what the artworld should be? - a place for individualism, a place of non judgement and a place of free explorative expression in any form whatsoever. Does every gallery really need white walls? 

We address this as we meet so many artists who feel guilt about producing open art print editions. We offer support and confidence, we say not to worry about it, get the art out there. Once it is out there you can focus on the next project and we remind artists that very few people are original, neither are jeans but they can still look great. Saying you are an artist can make you feel cool but really none of that matters. Being whoever you really are at your core is the cool everyone needs in their life.

Make art for yourself and with authenticity, then you are free. Contemporary art prints are the wings which can help any artist’s collection fly. Some of our limited edition prints for sale are not so affordable for all but they are limited and special, the collector know they have something only a few others can get hold of, everyone loves that and over time the value can increase.

The Pineapple family own a mixture of handmade plus manufactured household items, contemporary art prints and beloved originals, we mix them together and they fall into place like any good conversation piece. Something old, something new, something borrowed and something reproduced, that’s the story of most peoples' purchase history. 

Pineapple Gallery Contemporary art prints  are our own curated selection, both the artist and the collectors adore the beautiful velvet textures our archival papers offer. Many old and new original artworks love their new lease of life as archival prints. 

We will always sell them together side by side with original artwork, no guilt, only pride. As most people are stuck indoors more, seems a great time to adorn those walls, check our our contemporary art prints for sale here: 

We have taken a covid induced breather from exhibiting during this strange period of lockdowns 1+2+3+4+5+now yes we cannot believe it either but lockdown 6. There is no denying that opening a new business just before lockdown no1 and all the proceeding closures has been tough but we are gearing up for the new exciting winter programme, including original work from one of our favourite international artists, a gallery special KETCHUP + CAVIAR, more from H.O.P. and some interesting colabs to be revealed. 

We look forward to sharing our winter programme with you all, hopefully not online but always with a sense of humour and the knowledge that  “Life Goes on Babe”.

With love from 

The House of Pineapple