peachy estate II

Ray Monday

original art / mixed media

23 carat gold gilded glass painting


Hand framed in: Black

Dimensions: 240mm x 360mm (framed)

Signed and Numbered COA

From Working Class Series 01


The artwork peachy estate II is the partner artwork to peachy estate I, both mixed media pieces celebrating social housing and working class communities. This artwork was part of Ray Monday’s exhibition WORKING CLASS 01 and is a single original . The image of Collingwood’s housing estate photographed and printed by the artist, sits next to a strip of gold leaf which is set on glass. The gold has been scratched and tampered with to manipulate the surface and create a patina. This technique was used to mimic the aesthetic of old worn down buildings and to highlight deeper social division and erosion. The other side of this painting uses peach hues in contrast.





$550.00 inc.GST