everyone’s grandma

Ray Monday

original art

23 carat gold gilded glass painting


Hand framed in: Black

Dimensions: 1180mm x 370mm

Signed and Numbered COA

From Working Class Series 01


This incredibly detailed gold gilded glass art painting of an elderly lady passing by her old home, a sentimental piece painted as the war against Ukraine unfolded.

Smoke pluming from the building, electricity pole down, the elderly lady is everyone’s grandma. 20% profit from this painting goes to help support UN Women in Ukraine.

The war in Ukraine has led to more than 6.2 million refugees and over 7 million internally displaced people, most of them women and children. The war contributed to growing risks, including trafficking, gender-based violence, sexual exploitation and abuse, and forced labour.

UN Women is committed to supporting the people of Ukraine, especially women and girls, at this time of greatest need. 

This artwork was part of Ray Monday’s exhibition WORKING CLASS 01






$6,500.00 inc.GST