23 carat gold embellished archival print

limited edition 2/10

Print dimensions: 330mm x 260mm


This artwork ‘The captive slave’ was originally painted in 1827 by John Philip Simpson of Ira Aldridge, the artwork depicts a slave in the years leading up to the British Emancipation Act of 1833. This deeply moving pose still haunting today. Aldridge was also renowned for his persuasive speeches for the abolitionist cause. Not my King is a remastered artwork made for the cult collection.

Pineapple Gallery supports the idea that the British monarchy is an outdated and undemocratic institution with a dark history never to be forgotten. 

This giclee art print is released on the Kings Birthday and is a limited edition 1/10 available framed or unframed embellished with 23 carat gold leaf the words read ‘not my king’.

20% profit from the sale of this print go to in support of children’s protection in Haiti.

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