William Michael Harnett print


Cult Art

Fine Art Giclée Print

Original works;William Michael Harnett

Open Edition

Print Dimensions: 50cm x 37cm

Harnett’s works sold well, but they were more likely to be found hanging in a tavern or a business office than in a museum, as they did not conform to contemporary notions of high art.

A still-life painter from the start, Harnett was not tormented by dreams of artistic grandeur. In an age when many portrait painters wished to paint historical subjects, he was happy to paint his cabbage and, according to legend, eat it too. 

His first picture of a pipe and a beer mug not only was accepted at the National Academy’s annual exhibition but was sold for a welcome $50. His future course was clear: he had hit upon a popular vein, and he stayed with it all his life.

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