Affordable Art

Fine Art Giclée Print

Open Edition

Original works: Benjamin Pollock 1870-90

Framed in: Gloss Black

Print Dimensions: 36cm x 28cm


John Redington was the owner of the Theatrical Warehouse located at 73 Hoxton Street. In 1860 John bought some copper plates and started printing engraved toy theatre sheets. A family business was created and carried on by the next generation.

When John died in 1876. His daughter Eliza took over the shop, but a love story was about to alter her path and her fortune as Benjamin Pollock entered her life, he visited the shop regularly, they fell in love, marrying in 1877.

Benjamin became a toy theatre publisher, inspired by the music hall Britania which sat opposite the shop, he started reprinting dramas along with illustrated characters from fashionable plays. In the original Pollock’s shop, the theatres were sold in sheets ‘A penny plain, twopence coloured’ we adore all these and this small collection pays tribute to those charming sheets. Pollocks is still open and you can buy beautiful paper images and construct the theatre using a craft knife and glue to recreate this authentic Pollock’s Toy Theatre, when in London we highly recommend a visit. The House Of Pineapple loves Pollocks, the love story of Eliza and John and there is nothing quite like a family business passed down the generations.

Charlie Chaplin and Winston Churchill all came to visit the shop and admire his work. John’s original lithographs bring drama and humour together with great painterly storytelling skills, these art prints are a beautiful selection for any playful room.