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Fine Art Giclée print

Co-created and published by PINEAPPLE GALLERY

Original works: Niko Pirosmani

Framed in: Deep Red Ornate

Print Dimensions: 20cm x 27cm


Niko Pirosmani, a Georgian primitivist painter, orphaned at a young age, was characterized by the naïve, childlike simplicity of his subject matter and technique. 
He taught himself to paint as a child, creating his own oil for painting, and his specialty was painting directly onto black oil cloth. He was always poor, but willing to work, and as such he held many jobs throughout his life, including a herdsman and a railroad conductor. 
Pirosmani also created signboards, co-founded a dairy farm, and held odd-jobs like house painting or white-washing buildings. Because of his destitute situation, he had little relationship with the profession of being an artist.

Perhaps because of this, Pirosmani’s paintings were influenced by the social conditions of his time and place. There are many works about merchants, shopkeepers, workmen, and noblemen groups. Pirosmani was fond of nature and rural life. He rarely employed city landscapes. He made many animal paintings. He was the only Georgian animalist.

Usually, Pirosmani painted on oilcloth. Unlike other artists, Niko didn’t aim at a pure imitation of nature and paid no attention to details. Some of his paintings are monochrome. His paintings demonstrate the author’s sharp compositional consideration. Placements of the figures are frontal, while faces do not demonstrate a specific mood

Today, 146 of his works are shown in the Art Museum of Georgia and sixteen paintings are exhibited in the Historical-Ethnographic Museum of Sighnaghi. A monument was installed in Tbilisi. There is also the Niko Pirosmanashvili Museum in Mirzaani, Georgia, in one of his abodes.

This fine art print is available in small, medium and large. Either framed or unframed and is printed on Canson Archival Paper using 12 colour ultrachrome inks. It can be shipped globally.


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