Anna Bektash is a self-taught visual artist living in Melbourne, Australia. She spent her childhood and early adult years living between Melbourne, the Yarra Valley and Oregon (USA). Anna has completed further education in the Arts, History, Education and Social Sciences. When not painting Anna is busy with her daughters, working in palliative care, surfing and daydreaming about painting. Growing up immersed in such a diverse landscape of bush, mountains, farms, coastline and urban life, Anna aims to reproduce these spaces in her work. She has a strong interest in human stories and the state of mind and heart, and has a particular interest in Mid Century design and the social environment of this era. These elements can be seen interwoven in her work. Anna likes to explore different styles of painting and intends to let the story or emotion determine how it is painted. She believes some subject matter deserve intricate details, whereas others are better expressed through the abstract.