Cult Art

Fine Art Giclée Print

Co-created and published by PINEAPPLE GALLERY

Print Dimensions: 34cm x 64cm

Original Works: unknown, Korea Late 1800’s

Many korean artists from the middle 1880s until 1945 had a very difficult time when Korea was freed by the allies after the unconditional surrender of Japan.

From the 1880s onward, the emerging popularity of western art in Japan lead to a low opinion of traditional Korean art.

Nevertheless, the formation of the Korean crafts museum in 1924 by Japanese philosopher Yanagi Sōetsu is a strong example of how the Japanese aesthetes still appreciated Korean art.

Korean arts include traditions in calligraphy, music, painting and pottery, often marked by the use of natural forms, surface decoration and bold colours or sounds.

The Korean art market is concentrated in the Insadong district of Seoul. Over 50 small galleries exhibit and galleries are cooperatively run, small and often with curated and finely designed exhibits.

The beauty of Korean art has a distinctive style of it’s own and the strength of its artists lay in simplicity, spontaneity, and a feeling of harmony with nature.

In every town there are smaller regional galleries, with local artists showing in traditional and contemporary media.

Attempts at bringing Western conceptual art into the foreground have usually had their best success outside of Korea in New YorkSan FranciscoLondon and Paris.

Here we offer a contemporary colour palette on the traditional image of a tiger family at play. The distinctive style of Korean art and the strength of its artists lay in simplicity, spontaneity, and a feeling of harmony with nature which shows in this artwork.

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