Cult Art

Fine Art Giclée Print

Open Edition

Framed in: Stained Australian Oak

Print Dimensions: 19cm x 30cm

 Everyone needs a little Red Coat in their life. 

The carte de visite, a format comprised of an approximately 2 x 4 inch photograph mounted on card was the most ubiquitous of nineteenth-century photographs, exposing not just one but eight photographic images on the same glass plate negative, made cheaply and reproduced on a mass. As ever and we remind all artists, commercial is not a dirty word, artists have always struggled to pay their bills and the upward struggle of a creative dreaming to make a solid living from their art will continue. During the late 1850s and in the latter half of the century, long before face book profiles were a thing, these cheap and cheerful keepsakes depicting portraits of loved ones, celebrities and favourite monarchs, they circulated en masse.  Trading them among friends was popular, and admired and they functioned as a modern day business card the carte reflected upon one’s own social standing in an ever-expanding world.

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