mm art print


Cult Art

Fine Art Giclée Print

Open Edition

Original works: Georges de La Tour ca.1640

Framed in: Black

Print Dimensions: 39cm x 27cm


Candlelight and shadow play the biggest part in this painting accompanied by the deep contemplative nature of this artwork which exemplifies La Tour’s work at its most accomplished and characteristic. 

Mary Magdalene renounced the pleasures of the flesh for a life of penance and contemplation. She is shown here with her reflection and a candle which could signify her chastity being an enlightened choice, or so she thought. The mirror a clear symbol of vanity; and a skull on her lap as an emblem of mortality. Her skin on this painting is smooth and angelic with a shadow across her breastbone bringing the viewer close to the fabric on her blouse which caresses her skin so delicately.

The heavy black fabric behind the mirror leaves her deep in dreams of the unknown world beyond her sacrifices and mortal knowledge. She could probably use a pint, but who are we to tell M.M what to do she was pretty strong willed lady, to say the least.



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