“In order to isolate one thing from another, a third thing is needed which must be neither like first nor the second—a neutral object.
Now the frame is not the wall, a merely utilitarian fragment of the real world;
but neither is it quite the enchanted surface of the painting. As the frontier for both regions, the frame
serves to neutralize a brief strip of wall. And acting as a trampoline, it sends our attention hurtling off to the legendary dimension of the aesthetic island”
(Gasset 1990: 189).

art framing
art framing


Art framing is the gravy on your roast, art framing is the cherry on your cake, art framing is an old age craft which elevates your art and takes it to another level, offering longevity and style to otherwise lost and forgotten artworks. A master frame-maker will make sure the frame, in essence, holds hands with your art and guides it into its rightful place, a higher place. A craftsman has a deeper understanding of space and in making a frame never takes, only compliments, balances and enhances the artwork. 

With the right pair of shoes or carefully considered piece of jewellery any outfit can be elevated, the same can be said for art framing. The custom framing process is transformative and when the right frame is chosen and the original art whose once lackluster existence is hand framed with love, care and skill, it immediately comes to life once more. 

Reinvigorated, rejuvenated and ready to confidently make a style statement on whichever wall it graces, your art frame is an art accessory you should never live without.



When you watch a master framer slice through the glass, the action should remind you of a knife cutting through soft butter. When a skilled picture frame maker sands the wood and twist the copper backings the framer should treat the materials as his/her/their lover and the final touches should be equally soft, firm and intentional.

Artists, businesses and customers often ask if jobs can be finished quickly, as soon as you understand the level of skill and time taken to hand make a frame you understand it’s well worth the wait.

Nevertheless if you do find yourself sweating because you have an exhibition which is last minute or a forgotten Birthday gift to fulfil, you can always ask and on the off chance we can squeeze you in, we will.

art framer


It is estimated that most people, for their own private collections, will only ever get their art framed once, this means this frame will most likely be around for decades and decades to come. Waiting 2-3 weeks for a handmade frame pales in comparison to the years of enjoyment it offers once complete. If you are looking for an intimate personalised and friendly experience you are in the right place and you are very welcome. We offer all types of framing including archival framing. 

Art frames date back to as far as AD 50-70. An art frame made of wood was almost perfectly preserved back then by the Egyptians and they certainly knew a lot about using good quality materials. We are certainly not saying your frame will last that long, nor that you need to be buried with it but you can if you want, each to their own as we say in Pineapple Gallery. 

Art framing is ultimately about being the perfect partner to any original art, archival print or 3D object, the right frame maker understands how the art of art framing should harness the artwork with strength and sensitivity and by making a combined statement, effortlessly.