Ally Moylan is a Melbourne artist whose practice is inspired by everyday
experiences of places and people. Drawn to coastal landscapes, she seeks to explore the relationship between spaces and the self beyond just physical aspects alone. Her paintings relate to the intrinsic and often subtle ways people and places influence one another, whether ethereal or lasting.
In 2019 Ally Moylan completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts at RMIT University, specialising in painting. She works predominantly with oil paint, focusing on landscapes as well as portraiture. Her work is often deeply personal as her process reflects upon her own experiences, memories and sentimentality.
However, there is still a sense of familiarity that runs throughout her paintings as her artwork depicts Australian landscapes and coastlines. Whether or not a viewer may know the exact location, the characteristics of the landscapes recognisable from sights and places from their own lives.
As a female artist depicting the female body, ideas of the male gaze are inevitable and unavoidable. She believes that if an individual cannot perceive a body without sexualising it, it’s not the body itself that is the issue- it’s the view of the individual. Representations of the body throughout her work are often metaphoric of the way the self is shaped by place, and how the body and its senses are a means of deciphering the world.
Through the traditional medium of painting, her work reflects on the connection and disconnect between ones self and nature in contemporary times. The relation between materiality and meaning is also an important factor in her practice. Whether this is through using natural surfaces and textures for her paintings, the intimacy of small scale or through murals that bridge together nature and suburbia, she aims to evoke a sense of poetry.